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Document Searching Services concentrates on providing comprehensive, accurate and timely access to public records in the Maritimes, throughout Canada and in the United States, to our clients in the corporate world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nuans® Search?
Nuans® stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search. The Nuans® System contains a national database of trademarks and business names that are in use by other organizations. When a Nuans® search is conducted, your proposed business name is compared to the names in the Nuans® database, and the Nuans® report will list organizations that have a name similar to the one you proposed. A Nuans® report will also reserve your name for 90 days.

How do I choose a name for my business?
A business name consists of a distinctive part ie. "Premium" and a descriptive part "Grocery Store". It is not recommended that you choose initials (ie. ABC) or names that could be confused with government identies. We do three presearches FREE to determine if your name is available, before we query the Industry Canada data base. We will work with you to choose a name. Just give us a call. Please note: The Nuans® database is very sophisticated and we cannot guarantee the report. If your Nuans® report returns with a name conflict, we will do your next search for half price.

Why do I need a Nuans® Search?
For one, provincial legislation requires new business owners to conduct a Nuans® search prior to registering a new business name. More importantly, the Nuans® search guarantees that your name is unique in your industry and your region. If you have already produced signs, business cards, letterhead, etc., and have not yet conducted a Nuans® search on your name, your chosen business name may already be in use by another organization, in either case you would be in violation of trademark law or could be required to select a new business name.

How long does it take to get a Nuans® Search?
Normally you can have your report in a matter of hours.We will perform preliminary searches to determine if your name is available If it is not we will inform you as such and suggest how you could alter your choice so that it will meet the criteria

What does a Nuans® search look like?
A Nuans®Nuans® report consists of five pages: 3 pages of business names and 2 pages of trademarks listing names similar to yours. It will also include a cover page on the suitability of your proposed name.

What is a Lien / PPRS Search?
A Lien is defined as the legal right that a creditor or financial institution has in a piece of property that is in effect until the loan is paid off. A Lien Search or PPRS Search provides information about valuables that have any outstanding loans on them. For example, if you were to purchase a car, a Lien search would inform you if the seller still has an outstanding loan on that item.

Why do I need to conduct a Lien Search?
A Lien search will inform you that an item you are about to purchase has any outstanding loans with a creditor or financial institution. If you were to purchase a car, for example, without having conducted a Lien search, and the seller has defaulted on their loan, the bank could repossess the vehicle, even after you have purchased it. This also applies to other goods with serial numbers such as motorcycles, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, aircraft, trailers, heavy equipment, and mobile homes.